Candidly, Katherine.


I think my honesty is quite easily my best – and most challenging – feature. I’ve had friends exit my life before because they said I was too honest, too forward, too willing to have tough conversations that others may not come to as easily. Life wasn’t always this way. For a long time, I didn’t feel like there was a place in this world for me. I was often quieted, humiliated or manipulated into silence, or misunderstood for my genuine expressions of self. When I look back on my young self, I see someone ready to take on the world but just not quite having the bearings yet to understand their talents and uniqueness. Someone who lived a life ruled by fear. Telling the truth and being frank with people doesn’t always win them over, but it’s freed my soul from the chains that were choking my lungs since I could remember. Some people don’t want to be told their boyfriend sucks, that they need to stop running back to shitty friends, and that in order to make grand change in their life they must push through that which seems impossible, but I don’t really know how to be any other way. Coming into my truest self, I now feel confidence and satisfaction, joy in even the smallest indulgences of day to day life, and practice a life of gratitude.

That person is me, and will always be me moving forward. I’ve always desired a platform to share my truth, my hobbies and passions, and my candid discussion of topics and areas that may create change and joy in your life and the world. If I’m being entirely candid, I’ve had this URL for 3 years. I bought it in a challenging stage of my life, knowing one day I might be able to break free of a seemingly impossible situation and be the person I always wanted to be. I’m happy to announce that dream is no longer a dream, but a reality I get to create. Life isn’t on hold anymore, and each day is dedicated to furthering my dreams. Candidly, Katherine is a hub for all of my favorite things – a refreshing take on what we put in our bodies, how we exercise, discourse about topics that matter (and some that don’t!), and a general source for inspiration.

I hope you enjoy this handcrafted selection of honesty, creation and collaboration, and most importantly, a place for dreams to come alive.

Candidly, Katherine.


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